Shanghai Dragons Win Esports Shanghai Masters

Posted on: Dec 02, 2019 By Isabelle in Tournaments,

Yesterday on December 1st, the Esports Shanghai Masters was concluded. The finalists were the Shanghai Dragons versus Chengdu Hunters. The home team Shanghai Dragons became winners of the Overwatch with a score of 4-0.

This four-day masters esports event was the first ever in Shanghai, and it attracted a large score of players from across the globe. For each day there was a different event, and the games included were Warcraft III Reforged, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Dungeon and Fighter.

More than 5000 fans attended the events, while a whopping 30 million fans streamed the events altogether online. The esports masters highlights the strength of Shanghai as an esports capital in China.

The finals match was very entertaining, with both teams playing a variation of dive-meta, with heroes including Sombra, Tracer and Winston. The players “LIP” and “leave”, had the strongest lead in Shanghai Dragons. During the tournament they have stood out as very strong players. It will be interesting to see what Shanghai Dragons brings in 2020.

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