Smartlaunch 4.6 announcement and our new Skinning Engine unveiled

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There’s been whispers about some potentially awesome new features coming out in an upcoming Smartlaunch release. Today, in addition to unveiling an entirely rebuilt skinning engine, we’ve also got an official release date for Smartlaunch 4.6, which will feature several enhancements, bug fixes, and new features.

Smartlaunch 4.6 is set for release on June 11, 2012.  In addition a special beta version will be made available 2 weeks before on May 28th. If your interested in obtaining the beta version, email Edwin and let him know you’d like to have early access. More details on the release and list of a bug fixes coming soon.

The New Smartlaunch 4.6 New Skinning Engine

We think our new skinning engine is a real game changer and we’re really proud of it. It completely changes the concept of a static skin and transforms into into a living, dynamic and interactive launchpad for customers to be truly immersed in your gaming centers’ or internet cafe experience. Rebuilt from the ground-up, our skinning engine makes setting up user accounts a breeze while keeping it fun, interactive, and it looks pretty damn awesome too. Much credit and appreciation goes to Ruben Oanta from the awesome Ignite Network Gaming Lounge in Chicago for helping us build this exciting new interface and engine. If you’re ever in the Windy city, be sure to stop in!

User/customer centric features:

  • Customizable backgrounds – users can have fun personalizing their desktops.
  • Personal user account setup and validation – simple and fast setup without the need from administrator assistance.
  • YouTube video support – get access to game tutorials, guild competition videos, or any of YouTube’s millions of videos.
  • Social Media integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and many others –  Get instant updates from all of your social feeds all without leaving the Smartlaunch desktop.
  • Search for games by Title
  • Favorite games launcher
Your own Cafe/Gaming Center customization features:
  • Provide your own terms and service – allow customers to review your cafe rules and guidelines from the desktop.
  • Integration with MailChimp for your cafe mailing list – Email is incredibly important tool for acquiring and keeping existing customers in your seats. Our Mailchimp integration lets you get users signed up to your newsletter instantly.
  • Customizable cafe logo – Make each of your machines unique your own by adding your own logo.
  • Your own cafe image and video scroller – Have your own pictures and videos available on each screen
  • Custom validation messages 
  • Custom error messages

Check an image below to view screenshots…


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