Team Liquid became the MDL Macau 2019 champions

Posted on: Feb 26, 2019 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

Team Liquid made a very strong run throughout the MDL Macau 2019 playoffs, culminating in them competing in the grand finals. They made it into the finals after beating Evil Geniuses (EG) 2-0 in the upper bracket finals. It wasn’t much of a fight and that win just showed that Team Liquid’s exceptional play wasn’t ending any time soon.

After taking the first place seed in the group stage, Team Liquid then went on to dominate the playoff brackets. They went undefeated to be the first contender in the grand finals. They started out by knocking down RNG 2:0 and then EG, who they crushed in both games.

The first two games were quick affairs in favor of Team Liquid. In 23 minutes and then 20 minutes, they knocked down the North American’s giving them no room for error. It seemed to have ignited a fuel under EG as they struck back hard in the third match to save their championship dreams. In just 27 minutes, they absolutely shellacked Team Liquid with a 27:3 score. EG racked up nine kills before Team Liquid claimed their first, almost 13 minutes in. Gustav “s4” Magnusson was the only one on EG to die, scooping up all three deaths and leaving the rest of the team with flawless performances.

The fourth match of the game belonged all to Team Liquid and there was not a trace of the EG performance from game 3. In just under 30 minutes, Team Liquid claimed the final victory for the title.

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