Team Vitality and HKS behind new eSports facility in Paris

Posted on: Apr 24, 2019 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

Team Vitality has announced their partnership with HKS Sports and Entertainment for a new esports facility in Paris. The new multi-use space will be a flagship for Team Vitality’s internal and external operations. The intention is to showcase its brand and create a foundation for future growth – for not just Team Vitality but the global esports community.

Working with HKS, Vitality are creating a central facility with state of the art facilities such as training and performance centres, as well as a store and office. Having a home facility will be another huge forward step for Team Vitality.

HKS is one of the leading sports architecture firms in the world with current projects, including the spectacular new USD 2,6 billion Los Angeles Sports & Entertainment District (LASED) for the LA Rams and Chargers. HKS’ expertise in revenue-based design will be utilised to expand Team Vitality’s goals and objectives by developing multiple revenue streams.


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