Texas is becoming a hotbed for eSports in America

Posted on: Aug 07, 2019 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

Top esports teams like Complexity Gaming, Envy Gaming, and Infinite Esports have helped make Texas one of the new hotspots for competitive gaming in the US. Thanks to plenty of investment and lots of enthusiasm from the state’s gaming community, the Lone Star State is now threatening to rival California as the focal point for America’s esports betting scene.

The Esports Stadium Arlington is the largest arena dedicated to competitive gaming in the whole of North America. The former Arlington Convention Center was transformed in a USD 10 million makeover and it can now accommodate up to 2,500 gaming fans who flock to see esports tournaments for some of the state’s biggest teams such as the Dallas Fuel Overwatch organization.

So what is it about Texas that has made the state such a hotbed for esports? The fact that top esports teams like Envy Gaming, Complexity Gaming, and Infinite Esports were founded just miles apart from each other has often been put down as being just a coincidence. But the presence of several powerful investors has certainly taken things to the next level.

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