The Best Gaming Chairs of 2019

Posted on: Sep 05, 2019 By Filip in Tips,

When you plan the setup of your gaming center, the last thing you probably will think of is what kind of gaming chairs you are going to buy. In this article, we’ll be bringing some important features to your attention, whether you’re on a budget or not.

When looking for a gaming chair, it isn’t just for having a proper seat in front of the screen. Gaming chairs have come a long way, technically speaking. Some chairs vibrate; some have built-in speakers; some have customizable back settings and other features.

So even if you’re only looking after a good office chair, this list will still be useful to you, given that most of these seats are served also as great basic chairs, not only for PC Gaming and other gaming.

The best gaming chairs would then look something like this:

1. Secretlab Omega (USD 389) – Best gaming chair overall of 2019

2. Respawn 200 (USD 175) – Best budget gaming chair

3. Noblechairs Hero (USD 439) – Best gaming chair for back support

4. NeueChair (USD 579) – Best chair for offices

5. X-Rocker Pro Series H3 (USD 169) – Best gaming chair for built-in sound

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