The Esports Awards 2019 on Saturday

Posted on: Nov 14, 2019 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

The fourth iteration of the Esports Awards will be hosted at the Esports Stadium Arlington on November 16th. Another change that comes alongside the new venue in Arlington, Texas is that the general public will be able to purchase tickets for the show for the first time.

All previous years have been held in London, with mostly nominees and industry-folk filling the seats, but the move to the Arlington Stadium will facilitate a grander affair, with fans now cheering on the winners.

The Esports Awards is widely regarded as the most prestigious in the world of esports, recognizing the biggest and best in players, streamers, organizations, on-screen talent, journalism and more.

The top professional players in both PC and console esports will be vying for the trophies, as well as big name streamers and on-air talent, with categories for the best in the world of gaming entertainment also handed out.

Toyota’s luxury car brand Lexus will sponsor this weekend’s Esports Awards 2019 ceremony. Lexus will have three cars on-site, including those featured in Black Panther and Men in Black International, and will film content with “esports celebrities.”

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