Tips on How to Market Your LAN Center Business

Posted on: Apr 08, 2017 By vinay in Tips,

To bring your customers storm in to your LAN center like a hoard, you will need a good marketing strategy like a commander, or maybe a good PR manager. But hiring one could be expensive and some strategies can be simple.

Here are a few tips:


Customers always appreciate the word “free” no matter what it is, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are letting go of your services for charity. Offer great bundles for your customers like a free hour for every 2 hours purchased or free 15 minutes for every hour played on a certain game like League of Legends, usually the peak of most of these games start at 30 to 45 minutes after the game started and would usually take another 15 to 30 minutes for the team to wrap up and finish it. So if they could only pay for an hour, they would appreciate the extra minutes. The key to this is that they need to tell you upfront that they will be playing this kind of game or can only pay for 2 hours, and then you could offer these kinds of bundles. It would mean more customer satisfaction, make your price more inviting and a guarantee income for every hour of use.





Another simple yet attractive offer that would make your LAN center more memorable for your customers are customized, small, everyday items. Give away customized pens (put your logo or your LAN center’s name on cheap plastic pens), a small writing pad with your logo watermarked on it, or paper clips shaped like your logo.Give them to your customers who mostly use the browser or word processors and are in their 5th or 10th hour or visit. Give away customized Baller IDs with your logo or LAN center name on it for gamers who have visited you more than 10 days already or have referred 2 to 3 friends already. Anything except mouse pads and computer peripherals that could let them use it for their home computers because if they love it, chances are they will use it at home instead of in your LAN center.




Take advantage of multiplayer LAN games like League of Legends, DoTA (Defense of The Ancients) and CounterStrike because they bring in customers by the group. They are played in teams or groups and setting up a contest or a tournament to find the best team will multiply your customers for at least 10 times their normal number. Customers will find friends to play as a team, the team from the other centers will visit your place to join the tournament and even teams from other states will fly in just to join in and prove that they are the best (and sometimes for the pot money).

So how do you setup this kind of tournament?

Step 1: Choose a Game

You can’t run a contest like the world Olympics unless your LAN center is Olympic size as well. Choose a game that your group of customers play the most; in this case we will use DoTA as an example.

Step 2: Set the Mechanics or rules of the tournament/contest

Set the ground rules to make the tournament run fair and square. In this case, have your customers form a group or team with 3 or 5 individuals and it has to be a fixed number. If you plan on 3 players per team then it has to be the same for the rest. You can add more rules like age bracket or by location, round robin or sudden death matches, etc. as long as it is fair and will make the tournament more competitive.

Step 3: Set the registration price

This could be a little tricky but once you have started with one, it would be easier set the tournament for the next game. You need to calculate how much per participant need to pay to partially cover the cost of prize (trophy or cash), number of hours rent for the pc (from eliminations to championship, even if the participant doesn’t get that far), and how much you want to earn for the entire event. It is best to set the divisor in a modest number in case there won’t be much participants joining.

Step 4: Choose a date for the event

Timing is everything and once you learn that magic day that could bring all your customers together in one full day would be the day you bring home that fat bacon.

Step 5: Advertise it

Print flyers about the event, post it on Facebook and Craiglist, stream it in your SmartLaunch home screen so everybody will know. You’ll be surprised on how it spreads like wild fire.

If you have no idea about the game or how to hold events like these, hire someone who plays the game so you could have someone help you run the event more smoothly. Getting a sponsor like an energy drink company could help lower the entrance fees and accommodate more participants.


Social media is the least costly (initially and generally free) and most effective (wider coverage) type of marketing. Create Facebook pages and Twitter feeds of your LAN center and post in there all your promotions, events and invitations about how awesome your place is.

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