Use Social Media to Drive Store Business

Posted on: May 14, 2017 By smartlaunch in Tips,

Almost everybody in this planet is subscribed to a certain social media network like Facebook or Twitter, even animals do – well, mostly cats, but there are dogs and ferrets too. Social Media is the “in” thing now. We log on to it more than we visit the news websites and we get the latest updates from the latest events all over the globe up to the acne infection of our friend’s sister. So how can social media help our business? Let’s find out.


It increases your business’ exposure

Since news travel fast and wide in a lot of social media platforms, you can get a lot of responses in a matter of minutes. Even exclusive events such as bars and mini concerts get fully booked even if they have just announced the even hours before the show. So a good word about your LAN center will go the distance and people who are not even your customers yet will get to read about it, sending a subtle invitation to visit your place. Take advantage of this by sending out brief messages about the good qualities of your café or reposting compliments from other customers.

It spurs interest and attract new customers

Anything you post there will gather comments or compliments, someone out there will want to talk about whatever you have posted and will arouse curiosity from other readers. One way or another, someone will visit your café to verify if indeed what is written in that social media page is true or not, gaining you customers. Make the most out of this by keeping your page interactive, as if you are addressing readers personally. Update fresh contents and keep it brief.

It can build confidence to your business and position yourself as an expert

“Joe the gardener said that his brother who tried out this Internet Café was so good that they let you use 3D glasses just creating a resignation letter”, do you buy this story? Maybe yes, maybe no, but if this was posted on social media, you will get responses from actual customers who have tried that café and indeed used 3D glasses while working on a word processor, or something. Uncertainties of how good or bad a business is gets verified faster on social media. Now, if more people reads on social media about how good your place is, other customers will feel more confident and try out your place. Take advantage of this by always being responsive. Listen to what your customers are saying to you or about you in social media and work around it. Don’t be afraid of the criticism, there are trolls out there and not just under bridges.

Before you upload your LAN center’s 60 inch LED monitor to your entire social media network, keep in mind a few things:

1. Invest more time and resources only on a couple of social media. It is going to be difficult managing half a dozen websites and still have time to run your internet café. Check out which social media your customers frequently go to. You can look into each of your computers browsing history and create a social media page for them. Inform your customers via e-mail or newsletter using Smartlaunch that you have a page from that website and ask them to follow you there.

2. Do not direct your customers, current or potential ones, to your home page or timeline page. Draw them according to either their appeal or to the type of message you want to give. Direct them to specific photos for flyers and special promotions or to the events page for any event or tournaments.

3. Balance your content. Don’t always post about your new chairs, monitors or games. Manage the community and answer feedback and comments. Post something that is appropriate in the occasion like a photo of a Mexican hat on top of the CPU for Cinco de Mayo or your cashier wearing a Santa suit on Christmas. Always add a personal touch to your business perspectives.

Fire away those tweets and update those Facebook  status, but please be mindful of the hashtags, they become harsh-tags and make my eyes red.


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