6 Common Issues For LAN Center Businesses and What To Do About It

Posted on: May 07, 2017 By smartlaunch in Tips,

It would be perfect and ideal if we don’t encounter any problems running our business. Satisfied customers, crash free computers and continuous income. But in the real world, this is not always the case and there are a lot of issues that LAN center owners face almost everyday. It would be fantastic if these problems can be fixed with a simple push of the reset button, but businesses are not created that way.


Slowing Computers

This concern goes to the top list of concerns that customers and LAN center owners face. Some programs take some time to load or freeze, websites not displaying instantly and videos taking ages to load, using up precious minutes of your customer’s time without anything happening to them. It will not just make a bad impression about your business but also frustrate your customers. Remedy this by adding a few more memory (RAM), upgrade your internet plan with your Internet Service Provider (ISP), check if you have multiple antivirus software installed, do a routine clean up of your computers at least once a month and uninstall-reinstall the concerned programs if necessary.

Computer Crash

There are several reasons why a computer crash. It may occur rarely or occasionally and may or may not show any symptoms before the crash. It is always best to do a routine check up and clean up once every month or two just to ensure everything inside each computer is in place.

Inside Atmosphere

Some customers may complain that your place is either too warm or too cold. This could possibly be due to poor or no insulations or absence of a ventilation system. If you cannot control the temperature inside your LAN center, it will become a problem to your customers and your computers. Aside from being creative with your place, strategically install heating or cooling appliances so that your computers, and your customers’ head, will not overheat. A LAN center with Spa and sauna might be a good idea though, but your equipment might not be able take the heat.

Virus Infections, Spywares, Adwares and Key Loggers

These malicious programs are everywhere and if your computers have no means of protecting itself then it might result to embarrassing consequences. But it is difficult to monitor where your customers go to in the internet, so the best way to protect your computers from any of these is by installing a good antivirus program, scanning and cleaning your computers regularly.


Rude Customers

Occasionally you might get a visit from unreasonable or insensitive customers who could either be ripping you off or disturbing other customers, and at times you are tempted to electrocute them. It is definitely hard to stay away from these kinds of customers, let alone determine which ones are they. No matter how friendly your LAN center is, always display a list of policies or rules and regulations while a customer is inside. You might want to consider adding some rules like: “Offensive words and smells are not allowed”.

Bad Employees

There are days that you need to attend to other things and you leave your employees to run your business, what could go wrong, right? Well, employees might give free play to their friends, not attend to other customers in a timely manner or they could be rude some clients. These are not good to your business, so for your peace of mind, make sure to install a good Cyber Café Software, lock the free play, and hire a trusty manager.

These common issues frequently arise in most LAN center businesses but raising your awareness and always be prepared to resolve these as quickly as possible can make running your business stress free.

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