Will Shanghai be a Mecca for esports?

Posted on: Aug 05, 2019 By Isabelle in News and trends,

In Shanghai, esports has endured high levels of success among citizens. In 2018, Shanghai’s esports revenue reached an estimated 14.6 billion yuan. This is an estimated US $2.2 billion.

Esports has become a city-level strategy in Shanghai, and the city is planning on holding its first ever esports masters tournament later this year, in efforts of becoming a global center for esports these coming years.

Esports arenas in the city will be categorized into four types of venues, A-level, B-level, C-level and D-level. A-level venues will hold a minimum capacity of 50,000 people, B-level venues are slightly smaller, with room for over 500 people.

C-level venues are made for smaller national competitions, while D-level venues will offer tryouts and auditions, as well as live-streaming videos. Overall, Shanghai is expected to see continued esports growth, and it is an exciting step in the future of the esports business.

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