Zimbabwe taking its first big steps into eSports

Posted on: Mar 01, 2019 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

Gamers in Zimbabwe are starting to get organised. Recently, Zimbabwe Mind Sports Union was set up, which aims to promote and organise competitive gaming in the nation. Esports Zimbabwe was founded in 2015 and have already hosted tournaments for the FIFA football simulator game in Bulawayo.

It can be hard to gain official recognition from games developers and tournament organisers. However, it looks like certain esports companies have started taking notice of Zimbabwe’s fledgling competitive gaming scene. This was seen in late 2017, when eSports Zimbabwe was given a license by Electronic Arts. By granting their license it meant that Zimbabwe’s gamers could be permitted for entry into the 2018 FIFA eWorld Cup.

Esports Zimbabwe has also mentioned how they plan to include other esports to their roster. These will include popular titles like Call of Duty and Mortal Kombat.

What’s needed most are sponsorship deals that can help Zimbabwe’s tournaments, teams and gamers compete on a global level. With most pro gamers putting in over ten hours of practice per day, and tournaments needing evermore sizeable budgets, it’s clear that time and money are needed to help Zimbabwe compete with the best in the business.


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