Founded in 2001, headquartered in Copenhagen, and with a footprint in all continents, Smartlaunch is the global leader in software management systems for e-Sports Centers. Thousands of customers in more than 130 countries rely on Smartlaunch to run their businesses efficiently and affordably with minimal set-up time and maintenance requirement.

Michael Bodeakar

Michael Bodeakar speaker at TED ted.com in 2016, Michael setup one of Copenhagen's first gaming centers in 2000 and co-founded Smartlaunch in 2001. Michael coded the Smartlaunch core, setting the standards for technology driven companies in the gaming center space. With several successful cutting edge technology companies under his belt, Michael's is a sought after speaker of technology and innovation. He is a greatly appreciated member of Smartlaunch's advisory board.

Kasper Vardrup

Kasper Vardrup co-founded Smartlaunch and is an experienced entrepreneur who makes it happen. Kasper's strong skills in identifying talent and opportunities, developing and taking concepts to market has resulted in a number of successful companies. Kasper is a director and board member of several companies in Scandinavia and currently serves as a member of Smartlaunch's advisory board.

Vinay Java

Vinay Java, Chief Operating Officer of Smartlaunch, is a veteran of the eSports industry. Vinay setup his first gaming center in India in 2001. Hand-picked by Kasper Vardrup, Vinay went on to establish Smartlaunch in India and the Middle East. Vinay's perspective from the eSports Center's point of view is reflected in Smartlaunch's emphasis on reducing complexity in all aspects of an eSports Center's operation.

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