The champions at DreamHack Sevilla 2018

Dec 17, 2018

Dreamhack Sevilla 2018 is the competitive closing of the year and, at the same time, the start of a new project in Spain that filled FIBES during its three days of competition from Friday to Sunday. With the final phase of..

Headband to boost eSports performance

Dec 14, 2018

Burnout is probably the biggest issue facing esports professionals. Unlike traditional sports athletes, who often play into their 30s and sometimes 40s, esports professionals are typically forced to retire in their early 20s...

Japan’s eSports market a thirteenfold increase from last year

Dec 13, 2018

Japan’s esports market made a thirteenfold increase from last year growing to ¥4,8 billion (about USD 42,5 million) this year, as announced by the gaming industry publisher Gzbrain Inc. Ever since the legalization of co..

Esports to be worth over USD 1 billion by 2020

Dec 12, 2018

The esports industry is expected to surpass the USD 1 billion mark by 2020, as global brands look to take advantage of the popularity of esports via esports betting markets, advertising and sponsorship. The primary esports..

British Cycling launching eRacing championship in 2019

Dec 11, 2018

British Cycling will launch a new virtual reality championship; an ‘eRacing’ championship, the first of its kind in the world. The competition, which is expected to start in February, will see thousands of riders competi..

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