Ideas for Using the Smartlaunch API

Apr 25, 2017

Smartlaunch API can help you access the internal functions of Smartlaunch and give you and your customers out of the box features that can be useful. Some of you might be thinking, “what sorcery is this?!” No, this is not..

SL eSports League kicks off

Jun 30, 2016

SL eSports League pre-launch tournament at  Blitz-zone Game Center The announcement of Smartlaunch eSports 5.0 today was followed by the release of pictures from the pre-launch of the SL eSports League at Blitz-zone, Bang..

Smartlaunch eSports 5.0 launches

Jun 30, 2016

Smartlaunch eSports 5.0 boasts powerful game application management JUNE 30, COPENHAGEN, DENMARK The launch of Smartlaunch eSports 5.0  was announced by Adcore ApS  in  Denmark today. Smartlaunch eSports 5.0 comes with..

VRstudios Teams Up With SmartLaunch to Create VR Entertainment Centers Worldwide

May 08, 2016

by David Jagneaux  The great thing about VR is how versatile it already is across the multiple different devices. You’ve got seated VR experiences at a PC and desk, motion controllers, full body suits, room scal..

VRstudios Brings Virtual Reality to Smartlaunch Gaming Centers Worldwide

May 04, 2016

In the game of expanding a global sales footprint for Virtual Reality (VR) products, it appears VRstudios has the score to beat. VRstudios, the emerging leader in the global delivery of wireless, full-motion, and multi-us..

Important information about recent update to Smartlaunch v4.8.7x

Nov 26, 2015

This week, a series of small but important improvements were made to Smartlaunch that addressed a number of issues. In particular, we updated the web browser engine to a modern and robust framework. And while this update i..

Smartlaunch Halloween Update

Oct 21, 2015

Trick or Treat! Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. We wanted to make your Halloween as awesome as ever with our delicious treat: a new release of Smartlaunch! Today, Smartlaunch 4.8.51 starts getting rolled ..

We’d like to know – Should we add support for NFC stickers?

Jul 23, 2015

Smartlaunch has long had fingerprint scanning capabilities with products from Microsoft and others. In recent years however, those companies products have been discontinued and because of that, and lack of interest in bi..

Windows 10 support + Summer product update 4.8.25 out now

Jul 21, 2015

Team Smartlaunch has been making huge strides and in the last few months to keep up a seemingly never-ending to do list of work. Which is great! We like to keep busy =) Since our last major release in March 2015, we've rel..

Update to Smartlaunch Database Optimizer

Jul 04, 2015

More and more stores are using MySQL instead of MS Access as their default Smartlaunch Database. Still, the same problem exists. The database is getting bigger and bigger until at some point it'll slow down your entire syste..

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