Gen.G Launches a Gamer Wellness Campaign

Posted on: Sep 11, 2019 By Isabelle in News and trends, Gen.G esports wellness campaign

As an esports gamer, and especially if you are a professional player, the mental and physical demands of gaming can be quite tough. Mentally, you need to be a 100 percent focused throughout every match, and sitting in front of a computer a lot can physically wear out the body.

Gen.G esports has found that physical health ties into mental health, and there needs to be a good balance. The organisation has partnered with LA fitness, and the wellness app Simple Habit, to launch their campaign.

The goals of the wellness campaign are to install healthier habits, and a healthy generation of gamers. Instilling a mindset of self-improvement is the key to success.

The sparkly new Gen.G headquarters in Los Angeles, is designed with “gamers health” in mind. The facility includes healthy food options, an all-access LA fitness membership, sleeping pods, physical therapy and personal trainers.

It is safe to say you will not catch any Gen.G professional gamers gorging on chips and candy in front of computers, or gaming an unhealthy amount of hours. The Los Angeles esports team wants to promote health for the esports business, but also for esports fans to take up.

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